Region, Country
Ile de France (Paris Area), France

Soil type

Environmental zone
Atlantic Central

INRAE – Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’Alimentation et l’Environnement

Paris Agriculture Case Study

Started in 1998. Long-term field experiment with arable crops and different management of soil fertility. 2 sub-experiments: one with different organic amendements (compost or farmyard manure applied every 2 years, and a second incorporation of legumes in the crop succession, no amendement application.

The site QualiAgro forms part of a network of long term field experiments dedicated to the monitoring of repeated applications of organic fertilizers and amendments (SOERE-PRO). It has been initiated in 1998 (INRAE / Veolia partnership). The long-term field experiment is located on an eluviated soil developed on decarbonated loess (surface layer in 1998: 14.6% clay, 78.5% silt, 6.9% sand / 1.1 % organic matter / pH 7.1) of in the central part of the Paris Basin and cultivated for 17 years with a conventional wheat-maize


  • To study the effects of repeated application of organic amendments and fertilizers.

Local focus