Region, Country
West-Netherlands, Netherlands

Type of soil

Environmental Zone
Atlantic Central


The Peat Meadow Case Study

Typical for Holland, peat meadows are home to cows, windmills and (migrating) bird populations. However, the intensification of farming activities, systemic drainage and dewatering have put Holland’s western peat meadows under threat. Biodiversity is declining, soils are subsiding, large amounts of carbon are emitted, and farmers are struggling to make a living. wants to turn this around, creating a landscape that is becoming healthier each day. With balanced soils; meadows and water bodies full of life; and happy farmers.

Livestock farmers in the Western peat meadow area of the Netherlands are learning together about regenerative management practices. This network is facilitated by Within this network a few farms will participate in the Benchmarks for Soil Healt project. Here we will collaborate, and both learn about practical insights about implementing soil health practices from the farmers, as well as the effects of soil health practices on biological, chemical and physical characteristics of the soil by researchers.


Increasing the adoption of regenerative grassland management activities to promote soil quality: towards using organic fertilizer instead of chemical, maximising the use of fodder from own land instead of importing concentrate, more grazing than mowing, no tilling and where possible increasing the water level.

Local Focus

Transitioning from intensive towards regenerative livestock farming