Region, Country
Caserta, Napoli, Italy

Soil Type
Vitric Andosols

Environmental Zone
Mediterranean South

CNR & Uniniversità di Napoli Federico II

The Parete School Case Study

Green areas within the dense urban fabric become even more important if it is the youngest who benefit from them. The area under study is a school recreation area for teenagers, but the soil conditions often make it unusable. Surface compaction due to trampling compromises the infiltration of rainwater, while during dry seasons it leads to the formation of dust that can be harmful to children’s health. In this case study, several solutions for improving the structure of the soil surface layers will be tested.

The site consists of the green areas belonging to an existing school (former convent). Three distinct areas subjected to varying degrees of anthropogenic disturbance were identified.


Checking the state of soils in different areas and testing different management strategies.

Local Focus

Raising awareness of the importance of soil in urban areas and its ecosystem services and identify management practices for the recovery of degraded urban soils.