Region, Country
Murcia, Spain

Type of soil
Haplic Calcisol, Petric Calcisol and Calcaric Regosol

Environmental Zone
Mediterranean Mountains

CSIC / La Junquera / Commonland

La Junquera experimental almond plots Case Study

In the landscape of southern Spain, dryland almond farming has been growing as a promising cash crop. Almond farming although being a quite good drought resistant crop, faces multiple threats such as land degradation due to conventional farming practices, climate change -water scarcity and torrential rain events.- and rural depopulation. This leads to the need of the adoption of climate mitigation and adaptation measures that improve and protect the soil health of Almond Farming.

The experimental almond plots of La Junquera are composed of three adjacent fields, each spanning 5 hectares. These fields serve as the testing grounds for three main different treatments.


  • Compare the performance of the plots in terms of productivity, soil, water and biodiversity paramaters.
  • Serve as show plots to explain different concepts to farmers and other citizens.

Local Focus

  • Impact of different management practices (green covers and tillage) on soil health, water stress, and productivity in almond production.